Chris Smith

Corporate Tax Consultant

How did you come to join the Leathers team?
I joined Leathers in 2004 as part of their graduate tax training programme. My mother had worked in accountancy so I decided I’d follow in her footsteps.

What do you consider as the biggest challenge in the accountancy profession?
The transition into the Digital Age.

Do you think the future for accountancy is to be feared or embraced?
I think the accountancy profession will start to look very different as the use of digital technology increases. People will need to be prepared to adapt quickly to some big changes in order to avoid being ‘left behind’; this may be both feared and embraced.

How do you get across complex tax problems to your clients?
I try to do this in the simplest way possible (often using pictures!). I think about the points that are going to be most important to the client, and the level of detail that they will require to enable them to make decisions.

What skills from outside of accountancy do you apply to accountancy?
Multi-tasking, teamwork and time management, picked up from my days working as a chef in a busy kitchen. It’s surprising how similar the skillsets are.

What do you do when you aren’t being an accountant?
Restoring my 47 year old VW Campervan – it wasn’t meant to take this long!

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